Ready for School

Find Confidence.

One-on-One Coaching Sessions

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Our Circle Leaders are not just here to build confidence in your early learner. They're here to offer support to you! 

Our One-On-One Coaching Sessions are for circle parents who:

  • want to support their early learner's interests while making sure they develop and grow academically.

  • want to create a learning environment that's the best fit for their family.

  • want to foster a "love of learning" home environment that develops not just academic knowledge and growth, but strong relationship with each other.

  • want to feel confident as a homeschooler.​

  • need super practical tips and solutions for making their homeschool desires and dreams come to life.​

  • need help supporting an early learner with special needs.

  • need help with hands-on solutions for managing life and their child's education.​